Digital Recipe Reader: MUST READ before buying one!

If you are looking for a way to digitally store and manage your recipes, then you have come to the right place.

Sometimes a new product comes along that promises to make our lives easier, better, happier. With the advent of touchscreen tablets such as the Demy and the iPad, technology has moved into the kitchen. The “connected” kitchen offers some cool benefits and fun features. Organizing your recipes will never be the same again.

As far as Digital Recipe Readers go, there are really only two options today worth considering.

The Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader is a dedicated unit offering a range of cool features and functionality for a great price. Alternatively, Apple’s iPad is surprisingly well suited for use within the kitchen with a number of really top notch cooking applications and recipe books available to run on it.

The website is dedicated to bring you the latest information, reviews and real customer feedback on these products and their practical use within the kitchen. We analyze the features and benefits they have to offer and hunt down real customer feedback and comments to bring you a comprehensive review of the best in digital recipe readers.

We review what is on offer and make some ovservations and recommendations to help you find the best Digital Recipe Reader to suit your need.

Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader

demy kitchen safe touchscreen recipe reader

Demy Recipe Reader

A review by Colin South


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o Splash Resistant Design
o Large 7in Touchscreen
o Stores 2500 Recipes
o USB Recipe Sync to PC
o Ingredients List Management
o Timer and Conversion Tool

Meet the Demy

Once in a while, a product comes along that changes the way you work. The Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader has the potential to be such a product.

The Demy is a kitchen safe, touch screen, digital recipe reader. This light weight product is ideal for those who want the ability have thousands of recipes, but do not have the space to store them. The Demy features a 7inch high-resolution flat touch screen and weighs a little under 3 pounds (this is the weight of a stander blender). The specific dimensions of the Demy are 7.8 x 5.4 x 3.2 inches which translates to the size of a standard paperback novel.

The reader is able hold up to 2500 of your own personal recipes and comes with 250 recipes pre-loaded. It’s sleek, kitchen safe design allows it to be right in the middle of the action. Clean up is a breeze, just wipe the Demy down with a damp cloth. The Demy can either stand on its end like a picture frame or can lay at a slight angle similar to a doorstop. It runs on a single lithium ion battery that is re-chargeable with an AC adapter.

Demy Features
The Demy has many exciting features including 3 separate built in timers. Once the time has run out on one of the timers, the Demy will flash and sound a tone notifying you.

The digital recipe reader also features a complete index for quick recipe look up. Your recipes can also be organized and stored online at A really nice feature is the ability for the Demy to suggest alternative ingredients. There is no longer a need to worry if you’ve forgotten an ingredient. It also makes quantity conversions a breeze with it’s easy conversion feature. Display font size can also be changed if required to reducing eye strain and make recipes easier to read.

So how does it work?

Once you have charged your Demy you can load all of your recipes onto the and then sync your Demy similar to the way you sync your ipod to itunes.

Once your Demy is synced it is time to start cooking. The Demy is very easy to use and works very similar to an ipod touch. If you are not familiar with an ipod touch ,the Demy is easy and straightforward to use. At the bottom of the touch screen are different tabs labeled with a picture to represent the different features of the Demy.

All you have to do is gently press the tab and you will be taken to each feature. If the feature, such as a recipe, is longer than the actual viewing screen all you have to do is touch the bottom of the screen and drag your finger up to the top of the screen. This will allow you to see the rest of the page. If you want to move quickly to another feature on the Demy, just press another tab and it will take you instantly to the next feature.

To load recipes onto the Demy, you must first log onto and register for an account. You can even sign into your account using your facebook or twitter log-ins.

Once you have singed in, just click the add recipe icon and then follow the online prompts. After you have finished entering in all of your recipes you are now ready to sync them to your Demy. You must first download the appropriate software for your computer system (this can be found on the key website). Once this software is downloaded, just open it up, attach the demy to your computer with a USB cord, and then click sync.

Now you are ready to cook! In short, this is a ground breaking product that’s function, easy to use and great fun.

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Demy Recipe Reader Review

The Pros and Cons of the Demy

The Demy digital recipe reader is a great product with a lot of potential. Although it has not been on the market for much more than a year, it has received a lot of press on the internet as well as in numerous cooking magazines.

This article will explore the different strengths and weaknesses of the Demy digital recipe reader.


Recipe Selection: The Demy digital recipe reader holds an extensive collection of over 2500 recipes. An advantage the Demy has over similar products is that all its memory is completely committed to holding recipes. This means that you have a virtual library of cooking and recipe information at your fingertips while you cook, all available from a small compact unit. A backup of all your recipies is also maintained on the internet so even if you have to replace the unit for some reason, your recipe information can be reloaded and is safe.

Kitchen Ready: The Demy digital recipe reader also has a sturdy and kitchen friendly design. If you spill liquids or other food products on the Demy all you have to do is wipe off the Demy with a damp rag and keep cooking. The Demy’s plastic covering ensures that you will not destroy it when you have a spill in the kitchen. The reader also has an angled stand that allows you to either lay it on the counter, or stand it up similar to a picture frame. The sturdy base also prevents the reader from tipping over so you do not have to worry about it falling on the floor.

Conversions and Timers: Anyone who has done even a small amount of cooking in the kitchen know that you are always faced with the need to convert quantities and temperatures into different units of measure. Recipies from Europe measure quantities in grams and kilograms while the US uses pounds and ounces. The same issues is faces with the conversion of oven temperatures. The Demy provides multiple features to allow you to easily convert units of measure to those that you are familiar with. In addition, the Demy supports up to three timers to manage cooking times.

Ease of Use: The Demy makes it very easy to move between all of these different features making your cooking experience more organized and simple. Each recipe has separate pages for the description, recipe, and nutritional facts. This feature provides you this information at the touch of a button. The alternative ingredient feature also saves you time and trips to the grocery store.

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The Demy Digital Recipe Reader is a relatively new product so you can expect that some issues and weaknesses have been found since the product was launched. Here are a few of those that have been reported.

Weight: First of all, it is heavier than most cookbooks weighing in at around 3 pounds. This is really only a problem if you are moving it around a lot.

Speed: There have been some complaints that the digital recipe reader takes a long time to start up and charge. Once working however, accessing and searching your recipes is a quick and easy task.

Needs Internet Access: To add your own recipies, you must have access to a computer with an internet connection. You cannot add recipes directly to the reader like in other programs. When connected to your computer, the Demy transfers your recipe data from the internet website to your unit. You cannot enter recipes directly into the Demy.

Changing Recipe Infoirmation: The digital recipe reader comes pre-installed with 250 recipes that you must ask permission to get removed. You cannot manipulate the recipes, such as change yield size, like you can with other digital recipe readers. To add recipes, you have to do this on the internet and sync your unit to download these new recipies.

What other customers have to say:

By Mercedes L. Johnmeyer… I got this for Christmas from my hubby and I absolutely LOVE it! I initially saw this in a cooking magazine in November and was drawn to it as I’d never seen anything like it…basically it’s like a Kindle for my kitchen! I read all the reviews I could find, went to the Key Ingredient website to read up on it, and ultimately decided I needed this (I really did too, my recipes were scattered ALL OVER this house). Some of the main problems people had with this device when it first came out seem to have been taken care of …

… My only complaint about this gadget (and it’s pretty small), is there’s a font button that lets you select how large you want the text to be. I like mine in the middle, however the device will not remember this. So every time you turn the Demy on for use, is automatically goes to the smallest text. Not the end of the world really, just a minor annoyance. The graphics are very bright and clear, and shows photos of your recipes without any issue. I’ve used the converter tool a bunch of times already, and the three built-in timers are very handy if you’re cooking more than one thing at a time.

Overall, I DEFINITELY recommend this if you’re like me…someone who has a million single recipes or cooking magazines lying around. I would find a recipe in a magazine that I wanted to try, earmark the page, only to have it get tossed somewhere, or buried under older mags. This device lets me keep everything in ONE place! I have a Demy cookbook of my family’s favorites, another one for recipes I’d like to try, and so on. When I try something new, it’s a cinch to move it over to my family favorites cookbook, or to delete it if it was no good. This may not be for everyone as it is a bit steep in price, but if you cook often and want to get more organized, I absolutely think this is a good investment. I use mine almost every night.

By Oral L. Washington… I’ve been able to learn to use this excellent device. Having the ability to take the Demy into the kitchen and have access to all recipes is invaluable. The larger font capability makes it even easier to read without using my glasses. I did, however, encounter a small problem with not having a complete manual to refer to in a couple of the functions. The main one is the correct way to turn the device on when it goes to sleep. My work-around solution is to set the go to sleep button to over an hour during the time I’m using it in the kitchen. I’d definitely recommend this product.

Click Here for more Customer Comments

Overall it seems as though the Demy digital recipe reader is a good product if you are trying to find something to replace all of your loose recipe cards. The reader does not have to be overly protected like other digital recipe readers, and cleaning it is very easy. There are a lot of helpful built in features that can help you out in the kitchen. Although there are some bugs that are still being worked out, as long as you realize what the Demy digital recipe readers weaknesses are ahead of time, you should not be disappointed.

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The iPad as a Digital Recipe Reader

A review by Colin South


iPad on sale from $560.00 at

o Extensive Library of Apps
o Large 9in Touchscreen
o Light and Portable
o Wifi and 3G connectivity
o Easy and intuitive to use
o Many Accessories Available

The gold standard of Digital Recipe Readers must be the Apple iPad.

The breadth and depth of applications available for this device is extensive, many which are free and all of which offer a rich multi-media experience. If you are serious about technology in the kitchen, then the iPad is the way to go.

The great thing about the iPad is that it is multi-purpose so can be used for many things, not just in the kitchen pretty much anywhere and at any time.

Using the iPad as a digital recipe reader has numerous advantages. The iPad is able to hold more information than the Demy and other digital recipe readers. However, if you do not already own an iPad, it might be more of a financial commitment than you are willing to make, especially if you are only going to use the iPad as a digital recipe reader.

Probably the biggest advantage the iPad offers is the different applications (apps for short) that you can purchase for a small fee (or downloaded free of charge in many cases) for the iPad. By owning multiple applications you can have more flexibility and options to work with when you are ready to cook with your digital recipe reader. As every publisher and manufacturer races to get their product in front of iPad consumers, new iPad applications are being released every day. Cooking and recipe appls are no exception.

This article focuses on the iPad as a Digital Recipe Reader and reviews some of the many cooking and recipe aps that are available for it. There are so many different applications on the market that it is quite difficult to figure out where to begin finding a decent application. The most popular top rated recipe and cooking related applications for the iPad are as follows:

Smart Chef Suite
Serving Sizer Pro

Click on the links above for a more indepth look at each iPad App.

The majority of the other iPad apps focus on one specific category of food. There are apps for Italian food, a Betty Crocker cookbook app, a desert app, a Cajun food app, a grilling app, you name it there is more than likely an app that fits into this category. Having this many app choices makes the iPad the most diverse digital recipe reader you will find.

Overall the iPad can be a fantastic digital recipe reader. However, it will only be as good as it’s apps. There are several great apps out there that can be purchased and the majority of these apps are under ten dollars. If you already own an iPad then converting it into a digital recipe reader is as easy as stopping by the itunes store.

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iPad in the Kitchen

To get an idea of how you can use the iPad in the kitchen, check out the video below.

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